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"The Thief of Auschwitz is a stunning portrait of how love of family, of freedom, and of art can triumph over pure, relentless evil. For my money, it's the best and most powerful work of fiction ever written about the Holocaust.”

Howard Frank Mosher, author of Walking to Gatlinburg


"A brave and ambitious debut, Finn stands on its own while giving new life and meaning to Twain’s novel, which has been stirring passions and debates since 1885…a triumph of imagination and graceful writing. Bookstores and libraries shelve novels alphabetically by authors’ names. That leaves Clinch a long way from Twain. But on my bookshelves, they’ll lean against each other. I think that Twain would welcome the company."

– USA Today

"In this masterful and compassionate novel...the prismatic narrative shifts time and point of view, and Clinch readily slips into the voices of his diverse cast of characters. Through evocative descriptions of the rural landscape, and by imbuing these odd men with a gentle nobility, Clinch has created a haunting, suspenseful story."

O, The Oprah Magazine

"I may have been born in Padua, but my life began in Rome."


Abu Simbel, the final installment of Belzoni Dreams of Egypt,
available now at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Amazon.


“Jon Clinch is without doubt one of the most talented writers of his generation, and Belzoni Dreams of Egypt is as close to perfect as a book can get. Clinch's stunning use of language is as flawless as ever, beautifully paired with a story that is poignant, inspiring, and undeniably exciting. This is a magical, sweeping novel, one that you’ll devour greedily and then wish for more. Read it, read it, read it!"

– Tasha Alexander, NYT bestselling author of Behind the Shattered Glass

Jon Clinch has written some really memorable books, but to my mind Belzoni Dreams of Egypt is far and away the most extraordinary of them all. Gorgeous language, exotic settings, and a bigger-than-life hero to fall in love with—it's sure to be a hit with passionate readers and book clubs everywhere. It absolutely enchanted me!

– Elizabeth Letts, NYT bestselling author of The Eighty-Dollar Champion

So begins Belzoni Dreams of Egypt, a tale of high adventure, humor, and romance appearing now—in six installments—at your favorite ebook seller. The full novel, in ebook and paper, will arrive in December.